ATM in Srinagar gives electric shock to users

SRINAGAR – The customers using ATM of Union Bank of India on Friday complained that current was flowing through the machine. They urged the authorities to mend it before there was some fatal mishap due to it.

A number of customers said that from last 20 days, the Bank’s ATM located opposite the Zonal Police Headquarters in Balgarden was carrying current and number of persons have already received the electric shock.

“As I dipped my ATM card into the machine, I received the strong electric shock,” a user, Shamim Ahmad, said adding that with the help of a piece of cloth he managed to retrieve his card back.

Bashir Ahmad, another frequent user of the ATM said that the machine was carrying electric current from past 20 days. “I have seen dozens of customers receiving electric shocks from last many days. But, no one from the Bank is bothering to visit the ATM centre,” he said.

He said that on Friday in the afternoon, a lady fell unconscious after she received the electric shock while using the machine.

The used said that the concerned officials should look into the matter as soon as possible to avert any untoward incident in the future.