Yasin Malik challenges Mufti Sayeed, Omar Abdullah to face him in privately held elections

Yasin Malik press conferenceSRINAGAR – Addressing a press conference in Jammu and Kashmir’s summer, Srinagar, pro-freedom leader Muhammad Yasin Malik said that the issue of government formation in the State was ‘immaterial’ for them and they had nothing to do with it. He said that stooges of New Delhi always mislead people of Kashmir by playing Kashmir card.

JKLF chairman, however, said that he was not interested in the government formation. “Our stand is clear, from National Conference to PDP, Congress to communists and independents; all work as the Indian collaborators so it hardly matters who makes the government,” Malik said.

Yasin Malik said that if India and its stooges think that Kashmiri people were with them and that recent elections were a referendum against pro-freedom parties then let them ‘accept my challenge’.“We will not take part in any election until and unless Kashmir dispute is resolved however, I challenge Mufti and Omar Abdullah to face me in a privately conducted election in Islamabad (Anantnag) and Beerwah and if they defeat me I am publicly announcing that I will retire from the politics.”

“The real motive of pro-Indian politicians who contest elections here is to suppress the people. These Indian politicians play Kashmir card during election time. We have lost four generations from 1947 and right from 1947 the stooges of New Delhi appeared in different shapes before the people and always played Kashmir card to befool them,” Malik said, adding that pro-Indian politicians were the foes of Kashmir people and their ultimate aim was to defame the freedom struggle of Kashmir.

“First the stooges of New Delhi seek vote on Kashmir and then they suppress them. These politicians sometimes showed Pakistan salt and sometimes they unfurled green flags in their election rallies. National Conference, that once had a mass support after grabbing power pursued anti-Kashmir policies and the result is before us, how it disappeared from the map of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said, adding that pro-Indian politicians can go to any extent to appease their masters in New Delhi.

“Freedom struggle was on peak when New Delhi invited Farooq Abdullah of National Conference in 1996 and offered chair to him. Only 13 per cent people voted and yet Farooq Abdullah was made the Chief Minister of the State. You all know what gifts Farooq Abdullah offered to the people of Kashmir. Farooq Abdullah created infamous Special Task Force (STF) that let loose a reign of terror. Every family felt the heat of the STF, that was the brain child of Farooq Abdullah. During 1996 elections, pro-freedom leaders who opposed elections and appealed people to boycott were bundled into armoured vehicles and detained in Rajasthan jail,” he said.

Muhammad Yasin Malik, according to CNS, said that India was pursuing a well planned strategy and policy in Kashmir and from time to time it gives undue hype to certain issues that directly affect the people of Kashmir. “Now India made Article 370 an issue, which is not an issue at all for us. Article 370 had been burried by Mufti Muhammad Sayeed a long way back when he (Mufti) was the Minister in Ghulam Muhammad Sadiq government. After so much erosion in Article 370 by pro-India politicians whey they raise and talk about this issue,” he said.

Malik lashed out at Mufti for using Fair View, the erstwhile Papa 2 (the notorious torture centre) as his official residence and said, “once a dreaded interrogation centre holder has no moral authority to talk about the protection of Human Rights.”

JKLF chairman also criticized local media for visiting Mufti’s official residence and eat “cherish Wazwan” there. “Some of my Indian friends like Tappan Bose and Rahul Bhatia do not even take water at Papa 2 but our local media persons visit thrice a year and cherish Wazwan there.”

Malik alleged Muti of helping BJP in Jammu region to divide Muslim vote bank. “Mufti was enjoying RSS gathering in his Jammu public addresses and it was only to give message to the Muslim vote bank of Jammu that he was relevant in the region,” Malik said.

“India created PDP after it realized that NC is loosing ground in the State. These PDP people who seek votes from people to resolve Kashmir issue are cheating them. When Mufti assumed the power in 2002, he claimed that infamous STP will cease to exist. He deceived people of Kashmir while the fact is that he had assured India that he will keep this ‘Force’ intact and the reality is that STF still exists and its men are present in every police stations of Kashmir. These STF men who used to murder people after arresting them still take part in encounters and raids. During Mufti regime, top most militant commanders were butchered,” Malik said.

Malik said that under a well-planned strategy, New Delhi created a different atmosphere in Kashmir during election time. “Too much hype was given to Bharatiya Janata Party and people through media advertisements and reports were made to believe that BJP will accomplish its 44 plus mission. People were forced to come out from their homes to cast vote against the BJP. It is irony that despite getting decimated in Kahsmir, Indian Prime Minister congratulated people of Kashmir for their participation in elections. People of Kashmir must understand the evil designs of India and its policies,” Malik said, adding that the larger participation of people in elections help India to defame the freedom struggle at international level.

“I accept the fact that people voted in large numbers and India succeeded in its plan. India will never dare to chalk out a plan once people of Kashmir understand the reality and will keep away from poll process. That will be defeat for India and victory for the people of Kashmir,” he said.