Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Attacked with stones, 3-year-old becomes the youngest victim in Kashmir unrest

SRINAGAR: An unidentified mob attacked a loaded trailer with stones at Srinagar–Jammu Highway on Tuesday evening, making a three-year-old the youngest victim of violence in the...

One million Indian troops in Kashmir a hurdle for conflict resolution,...

Zakaria said the presence of Indian troops in such a "large scale was a hurdle in implementing the UN (United Nations) resolution" on Kashmir.

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Poverty leaves foreign domestic-workers prone to exploitation

The workers from some other states throng Kashmir in hundreds to fill the space. They are economically backward and poverty makes them prove to exploitation.

Are Kashmiri separatist leaders caught in web of their own making?

Sheikh Qayoom / IANS On expected lines, Kashmiri separatist leaders issued another protest calendar on Thursday,...

Story behind the controversial Vista Group: The past and present

This is a first-person narrative. Links in this colour lead to relevant documents and web-pages. On the...

Rewriting Naeem Akhtar’s open letter openly

A response to the minister by creatively rewriting his text from the perspective of a common Kashmiri and a journalist

An old news report haunts BJP over ‘surgical strikes’

"Once the [military] operation is successful, they will hail Rajnath Singh as a hero in the media. That will increase his standing among the people as a tough leader."